Garfield County Museum Jordan

Where is it at?

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Garfield County Museum
Montana Hwy 200
Tel: 406-557-2517


The museum is located in the small town of Jordan, just on Hwy 200. You won't be able to miss it!

Where are we going today?

Whether you are just passing through, or make a special trip - Garfield County Museum should certainly be worth your while. It's a fascinating and sweet museum which has exhibits detailing the incredibly history of the area.

Whether you love American history of (kids this one's for you...) DINOSAURS...then you are in luck!

Garfield County Museum is a part of the Montana Dinosaur Trail, and feature a great display of fossils and skeletons of these magnificent creatures.

In the area along the Missouri River, palaeontologists have made some of the most significant fossil finds in modern history! (You can even go out on your very own dig! Make sure you ask about that when you're there - roll those sleeves up and find you some dinosaurs!)

Want to see a Triceratops with your very own eyes? How about looking at a really full size one! can you image when this creature was walking around the plains of Montana? What do you think it would be like if they were alive now!?

You can also look at a T-Rex head, among other incredible fossils.

The Garfield County Museum isn't just dinosaurs. It's also a really interesting look into what it was like to live in the area a long time ago. There is a homestead cabin, as well as an old blacksmith shop replica which are featured inside the museum. There is even an old schoolhouse that is on the property, as well as WWI uniforms, and home displays with a bedroom, dining room and parlor.

Tours are available too, so just ask when you arrive and they will do their best to help!

History awaits at the Garfield County Museum!

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How much does it cost?

  • AdultsDonations appreciated

When can we go?

1pm - 5pm

Memorial Day to Labor Day

Need a little extra help?

The museum is handicapped accessible.

Can I get one of those?

There is a gift shop as well as books available so you can keep learning long after you leave the museum!.

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    Cool small museum. Worth the stop.

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