Gaithersburg Community Museum Gaithersburg

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Gaithersburg Community Museum
9 South Summit Ave
Tel: 3012586160


History awaits at 9 South Summit Ave in the lovely Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Where are we going today?

Did you know...that the Gaitherburg Railroad Station was a major rail complex when it was build all the way back in 1884?  Well, now you do!

The Gaithersburg Community Museum can teach you a whole host of fun facts and cool information, as it celebrates the dynamic transportation and history of it's city.

There are permanent exhibitions for you to enjoy, as well as rotating exhibitions to keep you coming back.  The museum is a great source of history so there are educational programs offered in the Freight House.

History Park is snug between the Train Station and the Freight House, and this features really fascinating historical photographs and information of the city over the years, as it has developed into what you know today.

Love trains?  Then you will love this!  There are rolling exhibits showcasing the beautiful old trains, from the years gone by. Have a close look and see if there is anything you had never noticed about trains before!  You might do on the 1918 Buffalo Creek and Gauley Steam Locomotive, or the really cool 1950's Budd Car.

A great way to spend a day with the family looking into the past of a beautiful Maryland city. 

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How much does it cost?

  • AdultsDonations appreciated

When can we go?

10:00am - 2:00pm

Thursday - Saturday

Teachers corner

The museum is a great place to learn about transportation and history, and they welcome school tours. Teachers - best you contact the museum in advance to discuss scheduling. They will be happy to help!.

I'm Hungry!

The Old Ticket Station features a local eatery you can recharge your history batteries. There is also a coffee shop which sell other beverages, fresh fruits, baked goods, homemade sandwiches, soups and salads. .

Healthy Eating!

The coffee shop sells healthy foods (sandwiches, salads) so you can be sure you can find something. .

Any Top Tips?

They often have Train Days and StoryTime Sessions throughout the year - keep an eye out for these events so you can plan your trip around them! .

Can I get one of those?

The Gaithersburg Community Gift Shop has an array of interesting train-related books, fun toys, and art projects for children of all ages. Young adult and adults - they have a wide variety of books on the Gaithersburg history, Montgomery County history, and Civil War history. Memorabilia from Gaithersburg, the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, and other various railroads across the country are also available for those history and train buffs!.

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    Came to the Train Day at Gaithersburg. Kenrlands Acoustic Jam was playing. They really made morning thoroughly enjoyable.

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