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Freefall Trampoline Park Bethlehem

Where is it at?

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Freefall Trampoline Park
2800 Baglyos Circle
Tel: 484 312 0446

Where are we going today?

Ready to JUMP into your family day out? If you're headed to Freefall Trampoline Park, we hope so, because there is a lot of bouncing to do!

This Bethlehem indoor area is filled with trampolines that are for much more than just bouncing. Of course, there is plenty of trampolining to do, and if you want to bounce with a difference, they have the Friday and Saturday night Club Freefalls where the lasers come on, and the music turns up!

But then there are the host of other activities which make this Pennsylvanian attraction that much more popular. How about trying your luck at some dodgeball, where you can try and work as a team to beat those opponents to the finish line.

Ever wanted to get a slam dunk? At Freefall Trampoline Park, it's not about how tall you are - it's about how high you can bounce! The Basketball games are super fun, and a great way to get that NBA feeling as you get those nothing but net shots!

Did you ever think there would be a mechanical bull in an indoor fun center? You bet there is here! Try and ride like those rodeo champions, and stay on that bucking bull!

If you have little ones, there is the perfect place for them. Those 6 years and under can enjoy Kid Freefall, where they can bounce in safety with kids their own age, with smaller trampolines.

Don't forget about the Family nights too! Why wouldn't you want to bounce around with the family?

Parents, there's no need to worry because these trampolines are wall to wall - which means none of those dangerous springs that you remember from when you were growing up!

Great fun for all ages in Pennsylvania! 

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How much does it cost?

  • AdultsFrom $9
  • ChildrenFrom $6 for 30 minutes (Under 6)

When can we go?

10am kids freefall starts, 11am/12pm open jump start. Close 7pm/9pm

All year round

Teachers corner

They have great group rates, so why not bring the students along for some exercise - it's such a great sport!.

I'm Hungry!

It always helps to take a bottle of water, as well as healthy snacks to keep that energy up.

Any Top Tips?

Family night is 6pm - 9pm on Mondays!.

Doing our bit

They keep you extra safe! There are staff on hand to help, and the equipment is always checked, and super safe.

Need a little extra help?

They have Special Needs Night from 5pm - 7pm on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month.

Can I get one of those?

Can you have a party there? Of course you can! They have a great package available where you can make it extra special!.

More information

The Kid Freefall sessions occur in the morning before the rest of the center is open for the Open Jump.

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