Fort Peck Interpretive Center Fort Peck

Where is it at?

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Fort Peck Interpretive Center
Yellowstone Road
Fort Peck
Tel: 406 538-8706


The center is just east of Fort Peck - just on Yellowstone Road on the left coming from Fort Peck. If you get to Hwy 24 you've gone too far.

Where are we going today?

The Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge is HUGE - so what better way to get right to the heart of it than at Fort Peck Interpretative Center. (There are dinosaurs too!)

The center is filled with a number of fascinating exhibits where kids can look back into history, as well as discover some pretty impressive engineering feats!

The first thing you notice when you walk in - only a life size T-Rex right in the foyer! This T-Rex was discovered 20 miles SE of Fort Peck, so he's a local! The skeleton cast is right in the exhibit hall. There are also other dinosaurs in the center (it is Montana after all!) that includes the Struthimomimus (say that 5 times fast!) - one of the FASTEST dinosaurs discovered to date!

Naturally, in a wildlife refuge, there is wildlife! The Fort Peck Interpretive Center has some amazing creatures on display - from the prairie dogs to the mighty grizzly bears. It's a great way for kids to safely get up close to these beautiful creatures and learn all about them - their habits and their habitats.

Love fish? Lucky the center has the two largest aquariums in Montana then! They display native and game fish of both Fort Peck Lake and the Missouri River. Pretty impressive huh!

For those little engineering buffs, there is a display on the HUGE effort put into building the 1930's hydraulically filled dam - the largest in the country!  Kids will be able to see a life size mural of the construction, as well as a 3D model of the dam and history on the lives of those who worked on it.

There is also a fascinating history of those who lived in the area - from Native Americans to homesteaders. 

A historically fun day out for the kids! 

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How much does it cost?

  • AdultsFree as far as we know!

When can we go?

Powerhouse tours operate 4 times a day weekdays, then on the hour from 9am weekends and holidays. (1

Tours don't operate Oct 1 to Memorial Day.

Any Top Tips?

If you want to visit Oct 1 - Memorial day, tours are by advance appointment only. .

More information

Make sure you turn up 15 minutes before the tour and show a photo ID. .

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    We were at the park for a family reunion & walked up to the interpretive center. Lots of history there, not to mention the gorgeous view!

    Went back the next day to drive across the dam & see more. the view was breath-taking!

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