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End O Line Railroad Park and Museum Currie

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End O Line Railroad Park and Museum
440 North Mill Street
Tel: (507) 763-3708

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The preservation of something which is changing and often, in these areas, disappearing is the purpose of the End-O-Line Railroad Park and Museum. Hear the old steam locomotive puff and chug throughout the countryside. Hear the puffing and chugging accented by the steam whistle, bell and the hiss of steam. You will think that time has been turned back.
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    I visited this park after hours, so I'm not sure if there is a museum, inside train exhibit, or enclosed area. The park was open to the public and free to walk around. For being such a small park, I was surprised at the amount of trains outside. I would recommend swinging by, especially if you are headed to the nearby state park.

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