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Dog Sled Rides of Winter Park Fraser

Where is it at?

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Dog Sled Rides of Winter Park
1410 Country Road 5
Tel: 970 726-8326


Please Call or email for directions. OR you can get directions off our website.

Where are we going today?

There are SO many fun things to do over winter, but have you ever had a family experience involving cute huskie dogs and sleds? You have when you visit Dog Sled Rides of Winter Park!

This incredible experience is so fun and unique, and kids will love it! The whole family can enjoy these cute dog sled rides, no matter what age or ability. There are 70 incredibly friendly huskies just waiting to give you a super fun family day out!

Across winter, there are guided dog sled rides up for the taking. The experienced mushers drive the sleds, and guide those dogs across over 700 acres of wooded terrain with incredible views! It's private land, so you know you are in good, safe hands. 

The dog powered cart rides are always fun, as the whole family just sits in a retired golf cart and enjoys the ride! Want to hear something else that's fun? Each person has the chance to actually steer and use the brake!

Keep an eye out for the amazing views of the Great Continental Divide and the nearby Fraser Valley.

Once the snow has melted, and the trail has fried, they can give you fun cart rides, as well as mountain scooter rides and even walking educational tours of the kennel!

If kids can curious about what it takes to be a handler, they can participate in the Kennel Handler Experience, there the whole family can have a hands-on experience as to what it takes to look after the dogs. Yes - that includes picking up waste too! 

So why not head down to enjoy Dog Sled Rides of Winter Park, and give the kids an experience they will never forget....with DOGS!


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How much does it cost?

  • Adults$20 to $199
  • Children$5 to $159
  • Free Under: 3 years old.

When can we go?

Winter : 9am -4:30pm, Rest of year : Varies

Year round

Teachers corner

They follow the Iditarod very closely and many teachers have used this great race in their math curriculum. They can do off site presentations during non- winter months for a fee..

I'm Hungry!

There are lots of great restaurants nearby, so why not grab something to eat before you arrive for your fun day out!.

Any Top Tips?

Make sure you reserve in advance, It's private property, so no walk-ins welcome.

Doing our bit

They often adopt our huskies from shelters and families that can no longer care for them properly. They also serve as a foster home for huskies from time to time. They like to surround them with their kind and give them something fun to do while waiting on a loving and active forever home. Sounds amazing!.

Need a little extra help?

Speak to staff about any special needs you might have, before you book so you can see how they can cater for you.

Baby Facilities

They have a port-a-potty on site.

More information

They have free parking!.

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    Took the whole family here over Christmas break. We ran three sleds together for six of us, including two kiddos. It was a super experience - the dogs were very well cared for and happy to be out runnin', and we found things to be very well run. It was quite relaxing, definitely a great way to get outside and experience nature!

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    Booked a dog word ride online and when we showed up we were greeted and were on our way shortly! Would definitely recommend!

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