Danish Windmill Museum and Welcome Center Elk Horn

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Danish Windmill Museum and Welcome Center
4038 Main Street
Elk Horn
Tel: 1-800-451-7960

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The Danish Windmill Museum is for all people interested in Denmark, Danish Customs, Scandinavian traditions and, of course, windmills. Elk Horn's Danish Windmill is America's only authentic working Danish Windmill. The Mill, originally built in Norre Snede, Denmark in 1848, was brought to the United States in November 1975 and rebuilt in Elk Horn by community volunteers in 1976. The Danish Windmill Corporation's members are dedicated to preserving and bringing the Mill to life to stand as a valuable historical resource and a tribute to America's rural cultural ethnic heritage. Please stop in and take a tour of our special Mill and browse a bit--you will enjoy it! While at the mill, visit the new VikingHjem depicting the life of a Viking Smithy in 900 A.D.
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    The place was pleasant and is set in a perfect rural scenery. A short drive of about 5min from the I-80 took us here and we did not regret taking the pit stop at all. Although we did not take the tour as we were tight on schedule, I managed to click few photographs along the way and of the windmill itself. There is also a museum nearby about Danish people.
    I did not know anything about the windmill until I read the review on the travel blog linked in google; but will definitely recommend it to anyone travelling along the route.

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