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    Take a deep breath and listen to yourself and your child. School only works if you and your child participate. My daughter did not like her two previous schools and cannot wait to join CC every morning. But that is us and our experience. You will read negatives about any school and to be a responsible parent you need to check for yourself. Just like a grave health diagnosis you need to get second and third opinions. CC works for our daughter while Montessori does not. We will try CC with our younger son and if he does not fit we will go somewhere else.

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    I want to thank owners Eddie and Allison for providing my children such a stimulating environment. My oldest son Danny was one of the first children to enroll when the business first opened its doors. Danny went through the after school enrichment program while my youngest attending their preschool. Danny fell in love with math while in the program and now is in 10th grade. He is in pre-calculus now and has never seen anything but high As, and obtained a perfect math score on the PSAT he took this summer. When we look back at what stimulated Danny to such a success, my wife and I are sure that the fine teacher at Cranium planted the seed and nurtured it with loving care. My youngest Erin is having similar success in middle school.I have to say that the unique environment and use of technology is like nothing else out there. There is a very good chance that Danny will be a National merit scholar, and with that the scholarship money will be tremendous. What a great investment we made. Thanks again and keep up the great work. The Newman family.

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    Cranium Clubhouse and FasTracKids already had the best educational curriculum tied to the latest learning technology but they just announced they are expanding to a new 12000 sqft facility that will offer 2,3,5 day a week options with regular and extended hours and unique indoor play fun zones.

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    Our child has only been in the preschool for a few months and we love it. Between our two kids we have had lots of experiences at other preschools before finding Cranium. Everything from the education to the decor to the teachers and staff = we can not stop talking about it to our friends. Our 1 year old will be signing up for their new Gym classes too.