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Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation Media

Where is it at?

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Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation
Ridley Creek State Park
Edgmont Township
Tel: 610.566.1725

Where are we going today?

If you love history then put down those history books, because you can live it in person at The Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation!

This living history museum has dedicated itself to preserving the history of what a Pennsylvania farm life was like in the late 1700s. (1760 to 1790 to be exact!)

There are 112 acres to explore, with early American history to experience! Did you know that it's the setting of where the impact of where the taxes of King George were felt? It's where the American melting pot began to simmer away, and it's also where American ingenuity began. 

How amazing as you walk around to think how incredible it is that all these events happened right under your feet! 

The activities that you will encounter at the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation represent more than one of the families who owned the property in the 18th century. It's a living tribute of the way of life that existed at the Plantation, as well as the achievements of your typical colonial resident who lived in the area.

At the weekend, kids love the workshops which they can join which give them a hands-on experience at a particular historic craft or chore! (Yes parents, kids can spend the weekend doing chores!) These happen about once a month, so make sure you check out the months in advance to see what you'd like to be a part of! 

The site itself is open to the public weekends only, because weekdays are for school groups. They have fun events at the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation too, like sheep shearing and Easter Egg hunts, (as well as ghost hunts!) so just be prepared to have an educational AND fun time!

History is back to life! 

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How much does it cost?

  • Adults$8
  • Children$6 (Ages 4 - 12)
  • Free Under: 4 years

When can we go?

11am - 4pm weekends.

Closed over winter.

Teachers corner

The whole week is for the students! There are a number of educational field trips that you can pick from, with some great activities for the kids! .

Any Top Tips?

You can have your birthday party at the farm! An amazing setting with 3 hours of fun party time with 90 minutes of activities! .

Doing our bit

They are dedicated to preserving the history of this amazing time in Pennsylvania history, and they do all they can to educate! .

Need a little extra help?

Give them a call if you have any special needs to see what help they can give you .

Can I get one of those?

The store has plenty of things for you to take home with you! Keep that education and history going! .

More information

They offer fun summer camps for the kids for those aged 7 to 13.

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    Hours are incorrect from Google. The Plantation site is open on Saturdays and Sundays April - Nov (and some holidays). The Plantation office is open Monday - Friday.

    Go visit!!!!!!!!

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