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Clayfish Bisque Lafayette

Where is it at?

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Clayfish Bisque
5520 Johnston Street
Centerpiece Shopping Center
Tel: 337 991 0120


Smell that? That's the smell of creativity and fun oozing out of 5520 Johnston Street Centerpiece Shopping Center, in Lafayette.

Where are we going today?

The creatively and deliciously named Clafish Bisque (and very fitting to it's Louisiana location!) is a creative, unique and inspiring pottery painting studio.  You just need to bring your talent and imagination!

The very friendly staff will be there to motivate you, inspire you and help you with all your technique and answer any questions.  They can even help you if you have an idea but aren't quite sure where to start!

Kids always love the range of art supplies Clayfish have to hand, and there's nothing stopping them getting completely creative with their colors!  They can enjoy paints, pencils, stencils and other fun art and craft products. 

Painting and being creative, as well as using the imagination is a great way for kids to express themselves.  They can create anything they want, in any colors and patterns they want.  It's all about them! 

Once they are totally satisfied with their pottery, it's time to have it fired!  (This means they "cook it" in pottery terms).  Just leave it with them and in one week you can pick up your beautiful, shiny, food-safe pottery!  Then you can even cook your parents dinner to celebrate, and serve it to them on their nice new plates you have created!  No...?

If you want to indulge further into your creative expression, why not join one of their summer camps?  They can really teach you about art, and techniques, and help you indulge your creative side so you can grow more as an artist, and of course most importantly have fun in summer!

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How much does it cost?

  • Adults$10 to $30 per item
  • Children$10 to $30 per item

When can we go?

Mon to Sat 10am to 7pm; Sunday by reservation; 1st Wed of month 'til 10pm.

I'm Hungry!

There are some drinks available but not snacks so make sure you fill those rumbling tummies before you arrive! .

Any Top Tips?

The paint shouldn't stain unless it's of a type they will pre-warn you about, but don't take them in their Sunday best!.

More information

Their website is currently in development..

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    My 12 year old and I really enjoyed our visit to Clayfish Bisque. It is a bit pricy but feel it is worth it. We spent about $30 but were there for almost 3 hours. Once the piece is fired in the kiln, it looks great... glossy and vibrant. I would definitely recommend this place to adults and children of all ages.

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