Cheyenne Cultural Center Clinton

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Cheyenne Cultural Center
2250 NE Route 66
Tel: (580) 323-6224

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The Cheyenne Cultural Center, conceived as a vision by Lawrence Hart, became a reality in 1977. Mr. Hart, executive director of the center, and his family founded the center in hopes to cultivate the preservation of the Cheyenne people's way of life. Located on the original Red Wheat Allotment, the site has become a regional interpretive center for Cheyenne history and culture. It has a Cheyenne Language Institute, holding the classic Cheyenne-English Dictionary by Rudolphe Petter, including the most comprehensive collection of orthographies and language materials in Oklahoma with a lab of computers loaded with over 1500 words, available for language acquisition by students. The Institute will soon have language curriculum materials.
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    This school had the potential to be a great place for children to learn and grow. Unfortunately the board and the director do not know how to utilize their resources properly. The staff is not trained in the Montessori method, there is nothing but drama among the teachers, and the place is in financial ruins. My children were unhappy here and are now doing much better in the new school I have them in. I would not recommend this school to anyone looking for quality child care.

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