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Chesapeake Planetarium Chesapeake

Where is it at?

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Chesapeake Planetarium
Chesapeake Municipal Center
312 Cedar Road
Tel: 757-547-0153

Where are we going today?

Space is such a wonderfully fascinating part of our planet and universe for kids to learn about - the moon, and stars, and the amazing colors and formations you can spot through those telescopes. So why not experience it for yourself at Chesapeake Planetarium!

Located at the Chesapeake Municipal Center, it's focus is the public school system, however on Thursday nights they offer amazing public programs that can make you feel like YOU are right in space too!

These FREE programs cover a range of topics that change monthly, so there will be always something new and exciting to learn. Its a great way for the family to learn about astronomy in general.

The topics of the programs really cover great features within astronomy. There are programs on stargazing, as well as the black sun, and even mysteries here on earth, such as Stonehenge. From zodiacs, to individual planets, and that infamous Christmas Star over the festive season, there really is a great deal to learn about!

So why not spend an evening exploring the mysterious wonders of space. You might even see some incredible things you have never seen before!

Are you ready to boldy go where many families have gone before - to the Chesapeake Planetarium of course!

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How much does it cost?

  • AdultsFree
  • ChildrenFree

When can we go?

Public Programs - Thursday nights at 8pm

All year round

Teachers corner

The purpose of the planetarium is mainly for schools, and there are great school programs based on each grade level. Speak to staff about your involvement!.

I'm Hungry!

The program starts at 8pm, so it's best to grab something before you arrive. There are plenty of places to enjoy food in Chesapeake!.

Any Top Tips?

There is limited seating, so make sure you book ahead and reserve your spot through the Chesapeake Public Schools between 8am and 4pm.

Doing our bit

They have created a place that revolves around the education of students, so all of their programs follow the states curriculum, and ensure the best education for their age group!.

Need a little extra help?

Speak to staff about accessibility if you have any questions.

More information

They advise not taking children below the first grade level, and quiet children are welcome..

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