Carter County Museum Ekalaka

Where is it at?

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Carter County Museum
306 N. Main Street
Tel: 406 775 6886


The museum are located in Ekalaka, right in the SW corner of Montana. They can be found at the junction of Hwy 7 and Hwy 323, just 36 miles south of Baker, and 72 miles north of Alzada.

Where are we going today?

Big Sky Country! It's an incredible place to visit, but it's also filled with a fascinating past - and Carter County Museum will delve right back in time with you!

A small and intimate experience, the museum is a beautiful tribute to the past of one of the country's most incredible and diverse states.

There are a number of exhibits which will take kids back through time - right back to the dinosaurs!

Ever seen a real Triceratops skull? Here you can see one that belonged to an incredible creature that they THINK was about 9 feet high and 20 feet long - can you imagine standing next to that!

Also at the Cater County Museum is a heart warming Veteran's Room with artifacts from the Civil War right through to Desert Storm, which all tell the story of the country's history. Photos, weapons and clothing are all beautifully on display.

Montana and cattle go hand in hand, so it's only fitting they have a collection of early cowboy clothing, weapons, saddles and other fun and fascinating historical items taking you back to those old Western days!

Of course, Montana has a fascinating Native American history and it's always important for kids to learn about the entire history of the state. Bet they can't imagine living in the stone age with their primitive tools and teepees!

There are also natural history exhibits, as well as 19th century cabins and homesteads.

Carter County Museum is a simple but insightful look into the states incredible past!

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When can we go?

Tuesday to Friday 9am - 5pm / Weekends 1pm - 5pm. (During winter closed 12pm - 1pm)

Closed Mondays and all major holidays

Any Top Tips?

Check out the building itself - it was built from 1926 onwards so even that is a part of history to be admired! Make sure you check out the petrified wood too. .

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You can become a member for $5 per year! .

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    Must See! Great place to check out when in EKALAKA

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