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Cafesjian's Carousel was built in 1914 by Philadelphia Toboggan Company. It is known as PTC 33 because it is the 33rd machine they made.
Major Features * 4 rows of horses, called jumpers because they go up and down as the carousel turns * 68 horses and 2 chariots, all hand-carved * Fancy trappings such as saddle blankets, flowers and western motifs on each horse * 18 scenic paintings around the upper part of the carousel, created by volunteer artists to represent the style and subject matter of the original paintings, which were damaged by fire in 1939) * A fully restored Wurlitzer 153 band organ (it replaces the original band organ which was also destroyed by fire in 1939)
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Please call Cafesjian Carousel before you set on your journey, to make sure it is open - we try our best to keep information on the website up to date, but it is always worth checking before you leave.

Also it may be worth clicking the link for Cafesjian Carousel website, so see if there are any special events or seasonal things to do that may be going on throughout the day.
Cafesjian Carousel
1245 Midway Parkway
St Paul MN 55103

Telephone: 651-489-4628
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