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Broken Boot Gold Mine Deadwood

Where is it at?

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Broken Boot Gold Mine
767 Main Street
Tel: 605-578-1876

Where are we going today?

Bang! Bang! Boom! Can you hear the miners picks banging against the earth as they get the dynamite ready! Broken Boot Gold Mine is a popular and adventurous underground mine tour which will take you back to those days when you could hear the booms of the miners dynamite, and the powerful punch of the pick can be heard through the tunnels below the ground.

The mining shafts are actually over 100 years old! Can you imagine what it would have been like all those years ago?

You can follow the path of the cars that would have made their way through the shafts, and walk in the footsteps of those thousands of miners who tried to make their fortune in the dark and often dangerous atmosphere! 

The tours that will take you through the mines are regular, and give you experienced guides that will be there on hand to tell you all the magic and mysteries of the gold mining techniques. 

Of course, the miners were all about the gold, and that can be mined or panned! You can get the whole family involved, trying to pan for gold the same way the prospectors would have done. And unlike them, you are guaranteed to strike gold! Yes - every single family member gets to go home with a "share" in the legendary mine! 

Broken Boot Gold Mine actually produced about 15,000 ounces of gold for the two owners over a 26 year period, which wasn't actually a lot. BUT, there was plenty of other minerals that they found which helped their fortune! See all the fun facts that you can learn on your tour!

Deadwood will give you plenty of adventures above ground, so let Broken Boot Gold Mine give you an adventure under ground! 

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How much does it cost?

  • Adults$5. Gold panning $7
  • Children$3 (Ages 5 to 18). Gold panning $7
  • Free Under: 4 years

When can we go?

Daily 8am - 6pm

mid May to mid September

Teachers corner

They do offer discounts, so why not bring the students for an education outside the classroom, and in a mine! It's a great way to learn about history.

I'm Hungry!

It's Deadwood! There are so many things to eat in the town you won't hear any rumbling tummies! .

Healthy Eating!

Bring some water because it can get thirsty work being in the mines!.

Any Top Tips?

It's dark - but take your camera! .

Doing our bit

The mine is a nonprofit mine and really love to do their best to keep the stories alive and preserved, just like the mine. .

Need a little extra help?

If you do need accessibility, then just give them a call to see what assistance they can give you .

Can I get one of those?

Everyone goes home with a "share" in the mines! .

More information

There is ample parkng for you!.

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    It was ok. The tour guide wasn't the best, couldn't stop laughing at him, he was such a tool, but he did teach some history of the mine. The mine wasn't very big, we saw some small tunnels, a couple bigger holes, but it seemed like it was over way too quick, and we really didnt see much. the kids loved panning for gold tho, and the prices weren't too expensive.

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    Good tour for young kids, this is a very small mine with probably less than 200 yards of tunnels to walk. Not very impressive, our tour guide (Jess??) totally made the tour worth while. She was very knowledgeable about the history of the mine and the mining process.

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