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Boyden Cavern Kings Canyon

Where is it at?

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Boyden Cavern
Sequoia National Forest
18 miles E of Grant Grove
Kings Canyon
Tel: 888 965 8243


Make sure you navigate to Grant Grove, and then continue on the hwy as the GPS does not recognize the address

Where are we going today?

Did you know that Boyden Cavern, located within Kings Canyon at the Sequoia National Monument, is actually one of the great show caves in the country? It just happens to be one of the lesser explored, which means that you really will be experiencing something very special!

Boyden Cavern is a great example of most types of underground formations. The cavern lies beneath a HUGE 2,000 foot marble wall within the famous Kings Gates. The cavern itself is just magnificent, and will amaze kids as they walk around and see natural formations that are millions of years old!

Kids - do you know what speleothems are? It's certainly a word that you will know by the time you finish the tour! Boyden Cavern has many varieties of natural speleothems, which include some rare "shield" formations.

The best way to see the cavern is the popular 45 minute walking tour. This is suitable for the whole family, not matter what age. Kids, senior citizens...everyone!

The tour will start with a steep five-minute walk into the cavern entrance, and from there you will travel deep within. Sounds exciting....are you getting excited!?

The cavern itself is always a constant 53F, so you know what to expect. Don't worry that it's a cavern - you won't be in the dark! The tour path is well lit, and there is a handrail too should you need it.

Learning is always on the cards, with guide points that let you know the many formations to look at. No need to book - just turn up and join one of the tours that leave on the hour, every hour!

Don't forget to look up in the Pancake Room - there are some pretty impressive stalactites there!

They also now offer rappelling and canyoneering tours for more adventurous families, not necessarily older as no limits are posted.

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How much does it cost?

  • Adults$14.50
  • Children$8.75
  • Free Under: 3 years

When can we go?

10am to 4pm. 11am start in Apr, Oct & Nov.

May to September

Teachers corner

Prices vary with the group size, but you can reserve for groups with over 15 people. Weekdays in May and Sept are best..

I'm Hungry!

It's always best to take with you some healthy snacks for energy and bottled water.

Any Top Tips?

Please be aware that to get to Boyden Cavern, you must drive into Sequoia National Park where the National Park Service charges each vehicle $20. This fee is not associated with Boyden Cavern. You will still have to pay an admission price at the cavern..

Need a little extra help?

There are steep inclines, some steps and low ceilings. There are also uneven surfaces.

Baby Facilities

Babies are okay in front packs/slings. No children in backpack.

Can I get one of those?

There is a small visitor center and gift shop where you can pick up some very cool items.

More information

Keep checking the blog for updates on timings. .

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    Unas grutas muy bien conservadas

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