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Black Hills Caverns Rapid City

Where is it at?

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Black Hills Caverns
2600 Cavern Road
Rapid City
Tel: 605 343-0542

Where are we going today?

There is SO much to see in South Dakota above ground. BUT did you know that there is so much to see in South Dakota...BELOW ground! That's right! The Black Hills Caverns are a place where the whole family can experience the wonders of nature...underground!

The caverns themselves were discovered in 1882, by some people who were out to seek their fortune in gold, but the Black Hills Caverns themselves were created millions of years ago through the wonders of nature! 

Did you know that the Lakota Indians knew about the caves, and actually used the calcite crystals hundreds of years prior? There is so much to see and learn at the caverns, so why not bring the family down to explore them! 

There are so many geological wonders in the Black Hills Caverns that you can experience and learn about. Those iconic stalagmites and mighty stalactites - but have you heard of logomites, or flowstone, or boxwork? See, there is always something new to learn!

To see the caves in all their glory, join one of their tours that will give you an incredible experience. The Adventure Tour is about an hour, and really does give you a whole taste of the caverns. Explore all 3 levels of the caves, which total just under a mile in length! You also get to see the best variety of all the formations!

The Crystal Tour is the shorter option, with only 30 minutes needed to see the first level of the cave. You can hear all about the cave's formation process, but just note for both caves there are some moderate walking required. 

Are you ready to venture underground for a pretty incredible family day out!?

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How much does it cost?

  • AdultsTours $12.75 and $15.75
  • ChildrenTours $8.75 and $9.75 (ages 6 to 12)
  • Free Under: 5 years

When can we go?

Daily 8:30am - 5:30pm. Tours are on the hour.

All year round

Teachers corner

It's such a fun day out for kids! Give them a call to arrange your tour! .

Any Top Tips?

Get kids becoming a gemstone miner! It's a fun activity for the kids as they can keep their treasures that they find! .

Doing our bit

They really do want to show off these amazing feats of nature, and they really look after the formations to ensure their longevity in the future. .

Need a little extra help?

There is moderate walking required for the tours..

Can I get one of those?

They have a rock and gift shop where there is all your gift and gem stone needs! From postcards, mining equipment, fossils and crystals - get that pocket money ready! .

More information

The last tour leaves an hour prior to closing. .

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    Fun cave tour. Short tour is only 30 minutes and easy for anyone. The long tour has a few staircases that might be prohibitive for the disabled. Definitely a worthy trip.

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    Please open again:(

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