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Atlantic Fun Park Virginia Beach

Where is it at?

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Atlantic Fun Park
233 15th Street
Virginia Beach
Tel: 757 422-0467


Right on the water, Atlantic Fun Park is on 15th Street and Atlantic Street in Virginia Beach!

Where are we going today?

Who doesn't love a super fun amusement park!? Atlantic Fun Park is SUPER amazing for families ready to have fun! Located on Virginia Beach, Atlantic Fun Park has 12 really fun games, 16 very fun family friendly rides, and you just get those stomachs ready for all the food there!

It's also paired with Virginia Beach Amusement Park, which is double the fun! 

What do you think the Gravitron would be like? Or the Slingshot? How about the Sea Dragon? GRRRRR! Scary! If you think you're brave enough that is....(of course you are!)

Maybe you want to take on the Flipping Action Arm Ride? What does that entail we hear you ask…well…that is going to stay a surprise!

Not only are there fun thrilling rides for those braver kids, there are perfect rides for parents and those little kiddies too. 

Did we mention the ferris wheel is the biggest in Virginia Beach? Pretty awesome huh!?

Flying elephants...a spring ride...a rock wall...and a tilt-a-whirl are just some of the rides your family will be welcomed with when you get to Atlantic Fun Park! 

There are fun kiddie motorcycles, a crazy surf twirl-tastic experience and the sky fighter!

Not only are there rides, but there is a Go-Kart track! There are a number of tracks, from an adult track, family track to a kiddie track, there will be something perfect for the entire family. 

Feel the fun park wind in your hair as you try and beat your family and friends lap times - we know you can do it - just head for that checkered flag! Vroom Vroom!

Atlantic Fun Park is a true amusement park experience. Don’t say we didn’t warn you about how much fun you will have!

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When can we go?

Friday open 5pm. Weekends open midday.

I'm Hungry!

What ISNT there to eat? You just make sure you arrive with empty stomachs and you will be in for a treat! .

Any Top Tips?

You can get unlimited arm bands for rides or the two park pass for the amusement park and the fun park. .

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    This place is somehow entertaining for children. visit is if you are near by VA Beach diring this summer. the only adult attraftion i saw here for adults was mainly the slingshot. i rode it wih my sister it was pretty awesome. stuff wise, hmm this one gurl that work at the spinning, flying saucer shaped, ride was so gentle to take pictures of me an my family. :) i would like o have contact with her again, because i was in a rush and didnt gt to ask for her number :(

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