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Aqua Tots
846 E. Big Beaver
Tel: 248-845-4545


Aqua Tots are located next to Nordstroms Rack on Rochester Road at 846 E. Big Beaver

Where are we going today?

 There's nothing like that first feeling when you swim your first lap on your own! Swimming is a great skill to have and kids will benefit greatly from being able to swim freestyle, or back stroke, all on their own - what an achievement!

Aqua Tots are dedicated to teaching kids of all ages how to swim.  They have different classes for different age groups so they can learn at their own pace but still in the company of other kids on similar levels.

They hold age approriate classes for babies, toddlers, infants, and kids, right through to swim team, adults and even kids with special needs.  They will learn valuable lessons and skills that will help them through life. 

What's also great - they never have more than 4 students per swim class so you can be sure they are really special focus in a great environment.

The budding water babies will have to learn over 20 skills per class before the are tested and able to move up a level, so all skills are covered and really focused on.   Each level is celebrated by a ribbon and certificate!  Levels are also divided up into age groups then experience - let's see if you can become a stringray!  (Well, not literally - that's the highest ranking where you will be able to swim numerous strokes, unassisted!)

They can also help you celebrate your birthday party, as well as entertain you during holidays such as Easter and Halloween with special activities! 

Learn to make a splash!

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When can we go?

Mon - Fri 10am - 8pm / Sat & Sun 9am - 5pm

Swim lesson times vary

Teachers corner

School class parties are very welcome! .

I'm Hungry!

Small snack bar snacks, juices, and soda..

Healthy Eating!

Refreshing juices and yummy snacks are available. .

Any Top Tips?

They have open swim Friday for anyone who wants to just go and splash about and practice what they have learnt through the week! .

Need a little extra help?

Aqua Tots hold a special needs class for all those with a little extra help. .

Can I get one of those?

You can purchase anything you need to compete your swimming experience! Goggles, flippers, bathers....no excuses now! .

More information

In addition to swimming lessons, they offer courses such as CPR which are an invaluable skill to have, especially for those swimming families..

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  • "Nice Facilities, HUGELY expensive!!"

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    The location is great, the facility is state of the art and gorgeous, but the prices will run you off in a minute. Too bad too

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