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Adventure Park at Heritage Museums Sandwich

Where is it at?

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Adventure Park at Heritage Museums
67 Grove Street
Tel: 508 866-0199

Where are we going today?

Are you ready for an adventure that is all about immersing yourself in the forest, challenging yourself, and enjoying nature!?

The Adventure Park at Heritage Museums is set on 4 acres of beautiful woodlands. This is woodland not previously opened to visitors either!

On the ground you have interpretive pathways where you will be guided through landscapes to experience some pretty beautiful rhododendrons. There is educational signage throughout the grounds, so you can learn all about the forest, the ecosystem, and the human impact on the ecosystems.

There are interactive elements like touching tree rings, and listening to the various forest sounds!

Then just look up to see the adventure waiting for you in the trees!

The Adventure Park consists of five aerial trails, each a different level of difficulty. Your views from the tree canopy will be a great way to check out amazing views of the gardens!

Up in the canopies, the aerial adventure consists of zip lines and challenge bridges which you have to cross. These take you between elevated platforms that are located in the trees at different heights.

It's a great way for kids to see themselves improving, gain confidence, balance, and keep healthy and fit!

Suited for those adventurers over 7 years, the Adventure Park at Heritage Museums will certainly keep you on your toes - literally!

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How much does it cost?

  • Adults$43 (Over 12) - Park only
  • Children$33 - $38: Park only

When can we go?

9am - 6pm daily. Fall only Fri - Sunday. 3pm - 6pm Fri.

June to November

Teachers corner

If you have more than 10 students you can get a group discount, and why not because it's a great alternative to the normal sporting sessions! They offer school programs for grades 6 to 8.

I'm Hungry!

It's best to eat something before you arrive, then keep water and healthy snacks in your bag for afterwards.

Any Top Tips?

It's best to wear long shorts or exercise pants, and make sure you protect your feet. .

Doing our bit

The park is all about safety, so they include a 30 minute safety briefing, and they provide you with the helmet and the harness.

Need a little extra help?

You do need to by physically fit to take on the adventure park.

More information

Your admission is for 2 hours of climbing, including an additional 30 minutes of orientations. .

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    A ton of fun. I am 48 and it wasn't too tough for me. My teen kids loved it. Tons of different obsticals and the staff is very helpful. I tried the easiest course first and it was plenty challenging.

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    Staff was kind and helpful. The kids had a blast and mom and dad did too. Good number of different levels and challenges for all ages.

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    ????? I want to go....

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