Abrams Planetarium Lansing

Where is it at?

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Abrams Planetarium
Michigan State University
755 Science Road
Tel: 517 355-4672.

Where are we going today?

Space...the final frontier....and also the place you can discover at Abrams Planetarium at the Michigan State University!

Abrams Planetarium has dedicated it's weekends for shows for families just like you. The shows are a great way for the children to be introduced to various and fascinating space-related topics, where they can learn all the weird and wonderful facts of what goes on up in our universe. 

Of course, if you're doing all this learning about space, how do you feel about actually SEEING it!

Abrams Planetarium offers public observation viewing evenings, where you can actually look through their powerful telescope and see some incredible astronomical objects. There are smaller telescopes also set up in the parking lot where astronomers are on hand to answer any questions.

You will be amazed with what you might see! Perhaps you will see the craters of the moon up close? Perhaps you will actually see the rings of Saturn with your very own eyes, or the big red spot on Jupiter.

These sessions occur about twice a month from April to October, so make sure you get in early so you don't miss out.

For children to be able to experience space with their very own eyes will let them see our universe in a whole new light!

There is so much to explore and learn about, so a trip to Abrams Planetarium will certainly be a great start in their astronomical education!

Enjoy the final frontier kids...there is PLENTY waiting up there for you! 

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How much does it cost?

  • AdultsShows: $4
  • ChildrenShows: $3.50, $3 (Under 12)

When can we go?

Check times for shows and observing nights before you book

Observing nights April to Oct. Shows all year round

Teachers corner

They have various age appropriate shows for pre-school through to high school. It's a great learning opportunity for the kids outside of the classroom!.

I'm Hungry!

It's best to grab something to eat before or after your visit at the planetarium..

Any Top Tips?

They have family shows 2:30pm on Sundays! These are perfect for preschool to early elementary age children and the parents. .

Doing our bit

The planetarium are dedicated to educating those who visit on the incredible wonders in the sky. They dedicate their time to studying new objects and learning more and more about our universe..

Need a little extra help?

If you require assistance, just give them a call to see how they can support you .

More information

The public observing begins at 9pm and finishes at 11pm. Occasional events start at 9:30am. .

What people are saying?

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    Simply a wonderful small planetarium and a great asset for the Lansing Community. My kids clamor to go all the time. What better endorsement could there be?

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    I took a class here and it was the best. Chairs are super comfy and star projections are phenomenal.

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    Fun! Season Of Light show is very cool.

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    Disappointing, not much to the show.

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