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Terra Nova National Park Glovertown

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Terra Nova National Park
Terra Nova National Park of Canada
Tel: 709-533-2801

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Terra Nova National Park of Canada is a place where long fingers of the North Atlantic Ocean touch the island boreal forest of Eastern Newfoundland. Rocky headlands provide shelter from the awesome power of the open ocean. The landscape of the park varies from the rugged cliffs and sheltered inlets of the coastal region to the rolling forested hills, bogs and ponds of the inland. Cultural history abounds in the remnants of sawmills and past human cultures.
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    Very beautiful place and maybe we were lucky at the time that it was not crazy crowded .Worth spending at least 2 to 3 days to go from one corner to another and enjoy everywhere.

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    The aquarium at the visitor centre is awesome. You're actually allowed to touch the creatures inside. A hit with my kids.

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    Nous avions choisi un site de camping sans services. Très grands emplacements et très tranquille. wc três propres. Pas de wi-fi. Pas de voisin... Les sites avec services sont plus collés... Et n'oubliez-pas qu'à Terre-Neuve on permet les radios...

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