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For more than four decades Storyland has been the original childrens amusement park in the Ottawa Valley, and one of the oldest in Canada! Located northwest of Canadas Capital city, Ottawa, Storyland is a great place for families to spend a relaxing day outside.
Attractions Champlain Lookout: This is what made Storyland famous! The Champlain lookout is one of the highest points along the entire Ottawa River Valley with views of 40 km in any direction. A free telescope helps guests see towns off in the distance. Gone Fishin': Let the kids hop in a fishing boat and go for a whirl on this classic amusement ride - maybe they will finally catch the big one! (Minimum Height: 32", Maximum Height: 54") Jump & Bounce: Jump, bounce, tumble and laugh on Storyland's Jump & Bounce - one of the most popular attractions at Storyland according to our guests! Big Dragon: Climb up to the top of Storyland's two storey tall inflatable water slide and zoom back down into the splash pool below - guaranteed to get you wet! (Minimum Height: 42") Little Dragon: Our junior slide for the smaller members of your family. Climb up the inflatable ladder, slide back down, run around and do it again! (Minimum Height: 36", Maximum Height: 60") Mini Golf: Grab your clubs and a ball and get ready for some family fun! Our 18 hole mini-golf course is always a family favourite. And many more!!

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Storyland Amusement Park
Box 641
Tel: (613) 432-2222

What people are saying?

  • by jeff wilson

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    Great time on our annual trek to Storyland. The Roarasaurus was unbelievable, could not belive it was at Storlyland

  • by Chris Davenport

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    Story Land is a kid's focused amusement park located in northern New Hampshire near the town of Glen. It's advertised as being geared for kids between the ages of 2 and 12, however I feel that is strongly optimistic. A more realistic range is 4 to 8. Beyond 8, your kids will likely enjoy parks with more 'thrill' rides like Canobie Lake or Six Flags. Under the age of 4, you may run into the issue that your child isn't big enough to really enjoy the majority of the rides, but there are things they could still do.

    We visited towards the end of the season, in September, when they are only open on the weekends (school is back in session). This is not the best time to visit as a lot of the 'character' attractions were not operating, like visiting Cinderella at the castle. They said this was because the kids (assume college age) who played them were gone to school.

    A big negative was the food. Frankly, it was terrible and eye popping expensive. You expect the expensive food, but at that price you also expect something better than a high school concessions stand. The choices were also greatly limited, I assume because they were on a weekend only schedule. Our family had mac and cheese, a hot dog, and pizza. The mac and cheese was a mass produced pre-made kind with no flavor. The hot dog was luke warm with a dried out bun, and the pizza was a step down from the generic frozen kind you find at grocery stores. The park allows you to get a stamp on your hand, leave, and come back. I recommend you do that for food.

    The ride variety is decent and you can expect young kids to have a great time, which is the whole point. There are a few water rides (three of them) and you can expect to get wet in all of them. These are best on warm and sunny days, otherwise you'll be dripping wet for a significant amount of time. Unless you pay to use the full body blow dryers of course.

    We went on a narrated boat ride, the swan boat, and you could tell the person doing it was bored to tears with the whole thing. I don't blame them, they probably say the same thing, time after time, day after day. Still though, tour guides do the same thing in major cities and historical sites and they manage to keep up enthusiasm. It wasn't very fun, even for our four year old.

    Overall, I would say the rides are all good, especially for young children. The fairy tale centric stuff like the woman in the shoe, swan boat ride, pumpkin carriage ride, etc ... they were not so fun for our four year old. Your mileage may very (pretty much the stuff to the right of the entrance).

  • by Cliff Cyr

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    very well trained staff great for the grandkids

  • by Ava Martinez

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    I went their and I got a stomach virus then my family got it. Rides were pretty fun. Not a good place for older kids. Once you go there a lot it gets boring. :I

  • by Jesse Nye

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    If you have young kids you must come here. For a reasonable price you get a great theme park experience for the kids in a great setting. We love coming with our 2 and 4 year old who can go on almost all the rides. The park feels modern and nostalgic, the people are wry friendly and it is very clean. Great family place!

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