Lang Pioneer Village Museum Keene

Where is it at?

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Lang Pioneer Village Museum
104 Lang Road
K0L 2B0
Tel: 866-289-5264


From Peterborough: Travel 10 km east of Peterborough on Highway 7, then south on County Road 34 (Heritage Line) for 6 km. Watch for signs. See website for additional directions.

Where are we going today?

Can you imagine a time WAY back when there wasn't any television OR internet! Can you imagine!

Well, if you're brave enough to want to experience such a time, then head on over to the Lang Pioneer Village Museum, where it gives you the experience of a time when life was simple - a time over 200 years ago. That's right - no grocery stores, cars or electricity. Food was grown in your very own garden, and cooked over a simple open fire or wood stove. 

What about clothes? No outlet malls for you! ALL of the clothes were handmade (Better brush up on your sewing skills kids!) All of the homes has chamber pots and outhouses, and forget those fancy cars - if you wanted to get around you had to walk, or take a horse-drawn wagon!

And what about school...can you imagine how school would have been over 200 years ago? Do you think there would have been sophomores, proms, and friday night football? We don't think so! In fact, students would all be in the same room!

Lang Pioneer Village Museum is a fun way to experience history, and see what life as a settler in the Peterborough County area would have been like during the 19th century. It's also a fun way to escape the hustle and bustle of your daily lives for a few hours! 

During your time at the museum there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained too. Costumed interpreters will demonstrate the trades and duties around the house that those in early pioneer life would have had to do - from blacksmithing and sewing on a real antique machine! So many opportunities to kids to learn something new whilst having fun!

So if you LOVE history, or maybe even time travel, head on down to Lang Pioneer Village Museum and experience pioneer life for yourself! 

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How much does it cost?

  • Adults$8
  • Children$4 (age 5 to 14)
  • Free Under: 5 years

When can we go?

10am to 3pm May to June, 4pm rest of season

Mid May to early September

Teachers corner

Lang Pioneer Village offers a wide variety of educational programs so of course you should look into bringing students - it's a historic and educational day out !.

I'm Hungry!

They have a food booth that serves hamburgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers, sausages, chips, refreshment and more..

Healthy Eating!

Why not bring your own lunch and enjoy a picnic at one of their picnic spots! .

Any Top Tips?

Dress in comfortable footwear and weather-appropriate clothing, and make sure you allow plenty of time to really see everything at the museum. You won't want to miss out on anything! .

Need a little extra help?

The museum strives to be accessible to all, but due to the construction of some of the historic buildings, not all structures are wheelchair accessible..

Baby Facilities

A baby changing station is available in the men's and women's washroom in the Museum's Visitor Centre. .

Can I get one of those?

There of course is a Museum Gift Shop which sells books, toys, local and hand-crafted souvenirs and more! The General Store located in the historic village also sells a variety of old-fashioned toys and candy. Better get that pocket money saved!.

More information

There are special events which are an extra cost, and activities which are fun so you should call them or check before you visit what's on so you can plan your day around it!.

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    We got a deal and despite of long trip we went to Lang Pioneer Village. We really liked the experience we had there. People who work there strive their best to explain of what was happening many years ago. We thought it would take a couple hours but we did not even realized how half a day passed.
    Go to the mill. Do not miss it! It is great

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