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Deaf Culture Centre Toronto

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Deaf Culture Centre
The Distillery Historic District
55 Mill Street
Tel: 416-203-2294 or 416-

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The DEAF CULTURE CENTRE is a symbol of the Deaf community celebrating Deaf life. It is a public forum both historical and forward-looking. The DEAF CULTURE CENTRE is contemporary, a fun gathering place that is open to the public and rooted in the Deaf community. It provides education, culture, visual and performing arts.
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    Hi, I am deaf high schooler who is in EDCO program in NNHS. My hearing ASL user Dad already visit there in last September and is interested about deaf culture.

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    The Deaf Cultural Centre is a gem. There are very few places like this in the world. The art shown was moving --celebrating all aspects of being Deaf, including emerging into acceptance of one's cultural identity as Deaf, even if an individual has spent a life time mainstreamed and "oral". Highly recommended!

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