Canadian Medical Hall of Fame London

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Canadian Medical Hall of Fame
267 Dundas Street, Suite 202
Tel: 519-488-2003

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The world’s only national Hall of Fame dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments of medical heroes. This museum contributes to a vibrant health care system by engaging Canada’s health leaders in educational programs that serve to encourage youth to pursue careers in health sciences.
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    This is a good place to visit to learn about what's happened in London's history, what's coming up in the surrounding area, and how London has been put on the map over the decades.

    I wish there was more of a spotlight on diversity there... any mention of people of non-caucasian dessent or non-canadians is shown in the light of white saviors delivering their charity to the third world... That said, this would still be a good place to stop in for tourists and locals alike! There is so much to learn.

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