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Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve Paddys Rover

Where is it at?

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Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve
Tidbunbulla Ring Rd
Paddys Rover
Tel: 02 6205 1233


Access is off Paddy's River Road, via Cotter Road (Weston Creek). This route is picturesque but is currently subject to minor delays due to roadworks. An alternative route via Drakeford Drive, Woodcock Drive and Point Hut Crossing (Gordon) allows access via Tidbinbilla Road. Drive time from Point Hut is less than 20 minutes.

Where are we going today?

Picture sitting in a dark room, staring at the computer screen trying to pass that level you have been stuck on for days, and not seen the light in probably the same amount of time.  OR, picture yourself outside, with the sun shining on your face, as you try and spot the cheeky wildlife in the bushes, before playing and running along the trails and playgrounds?

We don't know about you, but the latter seems mighty fun to us!

Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve is a great option for those families who want to get out into the beautiful and calming Australian bushland.

They have a wide range of Australian animals living in these diverse sub-alpine habitats (if you don't know what that is, all the more reason to go and learn about it!). They have wetlands, grasslands, forests and woodlands.

Naturally, where there is a natural environment, you get wildlife! Possums, wombats, echidnas, lyrebirds, emus, platypus, koalas, kangaroos and wallaroos all call this area home. How many different species do you think you can try and spot?!

If exploring the bushland wasn't enough for them, the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve has the Nature Discovery Playground where kids will have a great time playing, climbing and hiding. The playground takes inspiration from the natural beauty of Tidbinbilla Valley and believe us, there is a lot of it!

Take your bike and enjoy a family ride along the sealed roads or fire trails (but it's only allowed on the formed roads and trails only)

There is a wheelchair accessible pathway which meanders through a series of interconnected habitats which allow you to enjoy the look outs, search for platypus from the boardwalks or observe the pretty cool bird life! You might even spot a reptile or two!

On weekends, public holidays or school holidays you can enjoy ranger guided tours or volunteer interpreters, so if you want to learn a bit more about the area, try and join up with one of those! 

So we'll ask - what would you prefer? Computers, or Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve?  We thought so! 

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How much does it cost?

  • Adults$11 for a Day Pass private vehicle (up to 8 seats)

When can we go?

The visitor centre is open 10am - 3:30pm (winter) and 9am - 5pm (summer. The reserve is open 7:30am

Closed on Christmas Day, or in the case of a total fire ban or high winds.

Teachers corner

Tidbinbilla wants to make sure that kids learn about the environment in a fascinating and effective way. They support ACT and interstate schools with their high quality educational programs, and also open its doors for the community. They can organise group tours aimed for schools where you can learn more about the Aboriginal connection to the country, wildlife and settlers. .

I'm Hungry!

Take a picnic and enjoy their BBQ areas and great places for a family lunch!.

Any Top Tips?

Check out the Tidbinbilla on a Ranger guided walk or activity. Regular walks and fun activities are conducted every weekend, public holidays and selected days during school holiday. You can never learn too much!.

More information

You can purchase tickets from the Tidbinbilla Visitor Centre..

What people are saying?

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    It is really an amazing wild park. And we were so lucky to see the cute koalas that were very lively and eating leaves; also we saw the precious platypus in the wild--gorgeous!

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    Great place to visit. Conservation rangers very good and helpful.

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    Wow, great place to be.

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    A great place to take the kids for an out door adventure.

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