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The Salt Ash Weapons Range Salt Ash, Port Stephens

Where is it at?

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The Salt Ash Weapons Range
1445 Richardson Road
Salt Ash, Port Stephens
Tel: 1300 661 565


Located at The Salt Ash Pony Club on Richardson Road, Salt Ash, Port Stephens NSW 2318

Where are we going today?

New bush battlefield Open!

“At your briefing, your orders are to advance in line and locate hostiles…you must seek the enemy in order to engage them. Proceed with caution as there are numerous ambush points and snipers have been deployed in the vicinity. They are listening in the bush for your approach…a footstep placed wrong could give away your position! Will you become a casualty or the hero of the day?...”

Come and experience our newest battlefield for yourself. Bring your friends, family and workmates for REAL interactive entertainment. You’ve played the computer games, you’ve seen the movies…now be part of the action.

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How much does it cost?

  • Adults$44
  • Children$33 for Family Fun Session Days 1 1/2 hours for under 12's

When can we go?

Public Session Saturdays and Sundays

10am - 12noon then 12noo - 2pm Bookings only

Teachers corner

Fabulous day out for the students to interact, a great way to experience team bonding while having loads of fun. Complete your missions and achieve your objectives! Can accommodate up to 100 players at once!.

I'm Hungry!

Bring your own lunch or use or BBQ to cook your lunch. We sell drinks, lollies and chocolate bars to keep that energy level up..

Healthy Eating!

We can order Subway sandwiches for your group..

Can I get one of those?

Authentic Laser Etched Dog Tags, Battlezone Playlive Team Hats Battlezone Playlive Beanies Battlezone Playlive Lanyards Battlezone Playlive Badges.

What people are saying?

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    Came here expecting to find salt ash and air weapons but was massively disapointed. Knew we would have to camp, but no facilities and constant jet aircraft flying overhead made the whole experience unbearable. Will not be returning.

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