The Australian Motorlife Museum Wollongong

Where is it at?

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The Australian Motorlife Museum
Integral Energy Recreation Park
Darkes Road
Tel: 02 4261 4100


If you take the Northcliffe Drive exit from F6 Freeway, just follow the blue directional signs to the Museum. This will take you to the Integral Energy Recreation Park, on Darkes Road in Kemble Grange.

Where are we going today?

The motor vehicle - where would Australia be if there were no motor vehicles? You would have to walk to meet your friends at the cinema, and walk to your next birthday party!

The Australian Motorlife Museum is perfect for all those families and kids who are fascinated by cars, engines, motors, and history.

You will be taken on a journey of the history of motoring through the collection of actual historic vehicles, and fascinating artefacts.

The vehicles they have on display are incredible, with such a wide variety of models, colours, and makes from all across the years.  Have a favourite vintage car? Chances are it's there. 

As you walk around, you really get a sense of the history of the vehicles, and the time they would have been at their peak.  What do you feel like the city would have been like when these cars were in fashion?  Do you think you would have liked to have learnt to drive in them? 

For those who really know their stuff, the museum is also the home of the Paul Butler Collection.  If you know who he is - it's all there!

The museum are completely dedicated to the preservation of motoring history in all forms, so they are really passionate about it all. If you are too, they welcome people to join in of the running and maintenance of the museum, so you too can be a part of living history! 

Vrrrm vrmmm!

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How much does it cost?

  • Adults$15
  • Children$5 (Ages 6 - 16)

When can we go?

Tuesday to Sunday 9:30am - 4:30pm.

Any Top Tips?

Some of the exhibits are in reach, so just keep an eye on your kids because in the excitement they might want to play with the displays!.

More information

Groups are by appointment only. .

What people are saying?

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    My wife and I spent an hour or more taking a trip down memory lane viewing the extensive exhibition.

    Apart from cars similar to the one's we've driven, the veteran and vintage cars, motor bikes and caravans from the past on display in wonderful condition was tremendously interesting.

    The staff are friendly and love to chat about the display and the history behind some of the vehicles and services on display.

    Thanks for a great time

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