The Alice Springs Telegraph Station Historical Reserve Alice Springs

Where is it at?

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The Alice Springs Telegraph Station Historical Reserve
Herbert Heritage Drive
Alice Springs
Tel: 08 8951 8250


If you are driving, the Reserve is around 4km north of Alice Springs along the Stuart Highway.

If you prefer walking or cycling, there are tracks into the Reserve via Schwarz Crescent, and another along the west bank of the Todd River.

Where are we going today?

Ready for a little bit of Australian history? The Alice Springs Telegraph Station Historical Reserve marks the site of the first European Settlement in Alice Springs - pretty cool right!?

Here's a fun fact: It was set up in 1872 to relay messages between the cities of Adelaide and Darwin (they didn't have mobile phones back then to text!) - and it's the best preserved of all the 12 standing stations on the Overland Telegraph Line.

With the Alice Springs Telegraph Station Historical Reserve now protected as a Historical Reserve, there are a number of stone buildings which have now been restored so families such as yours can come and enjoy this little piece of history! These buildings have furnishings and artefacts from early 19th century, and are all on display for you to check out.

They do have a number o short, marked trails which are perfect for families to have a wander across the countryside within the Reserve. The Wigley Waterhole and Gorge are within the reserve too, and are perfect for refreshing swimming opportunities for the kids - don't worry parents, it's safe!

Cyclists will also love exploring the area on their cycling tracks.

The backdrop of the Alice Springs Telegraph Station Historical Reserve is the MacDonnell Ranges, so not only will photographers have great opportunities to catch magic moments, but wildlife lovers will be able to try and spot the diverse range of native animals that call the area home - including several colonies of the Rock Wallaby! 

Guided tours operate across the year, but you can also explore the area on a self-guided tour so you can travel at your own pace. 

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How much does it cost?

  • AdultsEntry to reserve is free.

When can we go?

Reserve is open 8am - 9pm. Historic Precinct is open 9am - 5pm.

All year round except Christmas Day

I'm Hungry!

Shaded lawns make a popular venue for picnics and barbecues. Free electric barbecues and picnic furniture are provided so make a day of it, bring some snags down and enjoy a family cook up!

There is also a kiosk there. .

Any Top Tips?

While the Reserve is open all year round, April to October are slightly cooler and the more pleasant time to visit. Regardless, don't forget your sunscreen! .

More information

Mail can be sent through the Telegraph/ Post Office, which is stamped with a special franking stamp! Pretty cool!.

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    We were recently at the Telegraph Station and were impressed by the historical appeal.
    The most amazing and interesting part of our visit was our talk with Alec, the volunteer who as a child was part of the Bungalow, his stories and wealth of knowledge brought the conditions to life. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to listen to him tell his story, I will never forget it.

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