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Sounds of Starlight Theatre Alice Springs

Where is it at?

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Sounds of Starlight Theatre
40 Todd Mall
Alice Springs
Tel: 08 8953 0826


Head on down to 40 Todd Mall in Alice Springs! Culture is waiting for you!

Where are we going today?

We all know that iconic sound of the didgeridoo, and when we hear it we can imagine it echoing across the Australian Outback. The Sounds of Starlight Theatre takes the traditions, landscapes and stories of the Australia desert and creatures fascinating musical and visual journeys based on these histories and tales.

It will take kids right from the desert to beyond the stars! The haunting sound of the didgeridoo will pulse rhythms that the kids will be fascinated by.

The Sounds of Starlight Theatre transforms into an energetic and exciting venue from April to November, for "The Didgeridoo Show Outback", where musician interpret various stories and traditions with soundscapes, percussion and of course didgeridoos. They want to make sure families experience fun and memorable times at the theatre.

Ready to explore the Australian Desert! With Sounds of Starlight Theatre, you will travel through the vibrant red landscapes of the desert, through the howling wilderness, across the outback mining towns all the way to quiet camps. Hear the stories of Caterpillar Dreaming as you get taken on a journey with the drums beating out an eternal rhythm.

It's great for kids because they will be introduced to new sounds and vibrations, however kids under 5 might find the times too late and they might get tired. If they can stay awake though, it's a great treat!

There are also spontaneous "Jam Sessions" that end each show and often the highlight of the evening for most kids! The audience joins the band to beat, hit, and blow their own rhythms and music. Great experience for kids! 

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How much does it cost?

  • Adults$30
  • Children$25 (Ages 5 - 15)

When can we go?

Performances 8pm to 9.30pm, Tuesday, Friday, Saturda

April to November

I'm Hungry!

There is a dinner show ticket option, featuring Red Ochre Grill and Restaurant, which specialises in the use of Australian native foods and regional produce. Don't listen to the music on an empty stomach!.

Any Top Tips?

Take a few well chosen treats to keep the kids awake if you think the evening might be a little late for them! .

Can I get one of those?

After the show, check out the art gallery which offers a range of quality handcrafted Aboriginal didgeridoos, paintings and artifacts, as well as CDs and books..

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    Je n'ai pas eu la chance d'assister au spectacle, par contre j'ai eu le plaisir d'y recevoir mon premier cours de didgeridoo.

    La personne qui nous a accueillit a fait preuve de patience et de tolérances face à nos tentatives mélomanes.

    Elle nous a expliqué l'histoire de l'instrument et essayé tant bien que mal de nous aider à sortir du son.

    Une jolie expérience, je vous la recommande.

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