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Pilliga National Park Baradine

Where is it at?

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Pilliga National Park
50-58 Wellington Street
Tel: 02 6843 4011


The forest does have a complex of roads, but is accessible by the Newell Hwy. Best head to the Pilliga Forest Discovery Centre first.

Where are we going today?

Kids - what sounds more exciting. Sitting inside, in the dark, staring at a computer screen. OR playing in nature, enjoying the sun, spotting lizards, snakes and frogs - maybe even koalas, and uncovering relics of the past? We know what we'd pick!

The Pilliga Forest Discovery Centre should be your first stop, before heading into the Pillaga National Park. The centre tells stories of yesterday as you learn about the environment and area through interactive displays and technology. You can even "walk in the forest" and discover the Aboriginal cultural heritage.

Then, you can get out and enjoy the Pillaga National Park! The forest spans more than 500,000 hectares (that's a lot of walking!), and features over 2,000km of trails just for you!

If you want to explore the Sandstone Caves, you can take a guided Discovery Tour. This will fascinate with the history of the Aboriginal site in the area, and the people's connection to the land.

As you walk or drive, make sure you keep an eye out for the local wildlife - they might come over to say hi! There are the rare barking owls (did you know owls bark? We didn't!), and the sweetly  named malleefowls. You might even spot the families of koalas who recline and dine on the eucalyptus trees which are found all over the area. 

Love those scaly critters? Try and track down the snakes and lizards (but not too close to the snakes!) who will be more likely to pop their heads out in the warmer months. The frogs, like the crucifix frog and the water-holding frog come out after the rain. 

If you see a Shingleback, just be careful. They aren't poisonous but they do have a strong bite!

Now...doesn't that sound more exciting!? 

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When can we go?

Year round daylight access.

I'm Hungry!

The Salt Caves picnic area in Timallallie National Park is a great area to enjoy lunch with the birds! It’s a scenic spot to pause for a picnic or barbecue on your exploration of the Pilliga Forest.

There are basic non-flush toilets here. Don't forget the esky and the suncream!.

Any Top Tips?

The forest is always open but might shut if there is a fire danger or bad weather. .

Need a little extra help?

The visitor centre is fully wheelchair accessible, with ramps and disabled toilets. Have a chat to them about where you want to go and see what is possible. .

More information

The Pilliga has the largest koala population in NSW to the west of the Great Dividing Range. Some of their favourite trees include red gums and the Pilliga box. If you are lucky enough to spot a koala, please report the location to the local NPWS office, as the koala is a threatened species in NSW..

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