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Olive Pink Botanic Gardens Alice Springs

Where is it at?

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Olive Pink Botanic Gardens
Tuncks Road
Alice Springs
Tel: 08 8952 2154


They are located near the Alice Springs Central Business District. If you are coming along the Stuart Highway, turn east onto Stott Terrace on the southern edge of the Alice Springs CBD.

From Stott Terrace, turn right onto South Terrace at the roundabout before the Todd River crossing. Take your first turn to your left (Tuncks Rd) and the gardens are on the left just after the river causeway.

Where are we going today?

For families who are looking for a fun, relaxing and nature filled day out, we might have just the answer!

The Olive Pink Botanic Garden has over 600 Central Australian plants for kids to wander among. 145 of those species grow naturally in their rocky hill habitat in the garden, so it's just like seeing them in the wild!

There are also a number of rare and threatened species in the gardens (look for the two horizontal lines on the label!) - a great way for kids to learn about the environment, what has happened to threaten these species and what can be done to save them. An invaluable lesson! 

Take the family down their network of trails where you can explore all the way up to Annie Myers Hill which will give you great views of Alice Spring, the Todd River and the MacDonnell Ranges. Don't forget your camera!

The Olive Pink Botanic Garden has self-guided walks that you can enjoy which have informative interpretive signs so you can learn all about the plants themselves, and what they are used for. 

Try and spot all the different kinds of birds that live in the garden! Over 80 have been recorded (you might be there a while then!) and there are a number of other wildlife species that you can try and find.

Why not spend the whole day there and take your own picnic lunch where you can relax and take a break before continuing your walks?

The Olive Pink Botanic Garden has an exhibition room which shows exhibitions each year, all with a Central Australian theme. The programming varies so it's hard to say exactly what you will experience, but we can say that you will be in a great place for a family exploration filled with entertainment!

Enjoy your nature filled day! 

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How much does it cost?

  • AdultsDonations warmly accepted.

When can we go?

8am to 6pm

7 days a week. Closed on Christmas Day.

I'm Hungry!

The Bean Tree Cafe at Olive Pink Botanic Garden is a gorgeous place to have breakfast, lunch, morning or afternoon tea. Perhaps you want to have lunch with the western bowerbird? Or enjoy your refreshing drinks with the perenties sauntering past on summer days. Delicious home-style vegetarian and meat savoury dishes are available, as well as burgers, salads, tarts, cakes and slices to tempt your palate!.

Any Top Tips?

This is a great place to go while you're getting your bearing with the heat if you're visiting. There are plenty of shady spots, and it's free, so take as long as you like, or just pop in for 5 minutes. You will get your money's worth! .

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    A pleasant little botanic garden displaying the flora of the region, and with a bit of fauna thrown in too! Take the walking track to the top of the hill for an impressive view of Alice Springs and nearby ranges. The cafe claims to close at "4-ish", which translated to as soon as we started walking along the path towards it. Bring your own picnic/snacks to be on the safe side.

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    The Olive Pink Botanic Garden is the undiscovered jewel in the town of Alice Springs. A beautiful place to relax and see the diversity of desert flora as well as birds, kangaroos and rock wallabies!

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