Mugga Mugga Cottage Symonston

Where is it at?

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Mugga Mugga Cottage
129 Narrabundah Ln
Tel: 02 6239 5607


The cottage is located at 139 Narrabundah Lane in Symonston, ACT.

The entrance is off Narranbundah Lane. Once through the gate, there is a dirt road to the parking area, adjacent to the Education Centre. Cars need to make sure they park inside the enclosed parking area.

Where are we going today?

Who loves history! Australian history is fascinating, and at Mugga-Mugga Cottage, kids can go back in time to experience Australia at the turn of the century.

Mugga-Mugga has a simple charm as a tourist attraction, but it's history is rich and deep. The museum have charted the history of the occupants with incredible detail so it will really make you feel like you know those families who used to live there!

Uncover personal human dramas of the time, and all the personal items and artefacts really help in bringing the past to life. You will feel like you are back in 1913!

Kids, history is a great way to not only learn about the past, but to experience it! As you walk around, have a look at the photographs, the furniture, the decorations. What do you think it would have been like to live there? Can you imagine what smells would have been coming from the kitchen? The noise of the family all sitting around the dining table?

This simple stone cottage has been conserved, and decorated with a lot of original household objects that actually belonged to the Curley family who moved in 1913.

Settlement on the site actually started a lot earlier, in about 1838. Currently Mugga-Mugga sits on 17 hectares of grazing land, with the cottage as it's centrepiece actually built for the head shepherd of Duntroon!

The Getting It Together exhibitions is a fascinating look into the people of Mugga-Mugga Cottage. Early photos, memorabilia and statistic relating to the issues of the time debated at Federation. The cottage also has community programs as well as educational programs, so there are heaps of opportunities for kids to learn about this ofter overlooked element of Australia history. 

You never know, your house might one day be a museum! How cool would that be! Can you imagine your photos all across the walls?

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How much does it cost?

  • Adults$7
  • Children$5

When can we go?

1.30pm to 4.30pm.


Teachers corner

They offer a number of educational experiences delving into country life, artefacts, the city and country and daily lives. A great way for kids to experience this fascinating Australian past. .

Any Top Tips?

You can purchase a multi pass to visit the three Historic House Museums, Lanyon Homestead, Calthorpes’ House and Mugga-Mugga Cottage for an all inclusive price and save yourself some bucks!.

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