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Laserblast Charmhaven

Where is it at?

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Unit 6
132 Chelmsford Road
Tel: 02 4392 5278


Laserblast is just down the road from Bunnings Lake Haven, and the Lake Haven Shopping Centre. If you head west toward Woongarrah from the Bunnings / Pacific Hwy roundabout you will find them on the left just next door to Charmy Indoor Sports Centre.

Where are we going today?

You strap on your state-of-the-art vest, and huddle your team together. You can see your targets moving around you. What is your plan?

Laserblast is the Central Coast's latest Laser Tag Entertainment Centre! A great way for kids to stay active and test their combat skills, this adrenaline pumping activity sends them right into the combat zone to complete their mission!

It's not just running around shooting awesome (and very safe!) lasers at each other. It's a game of skill, of co-ordination, and tactics. They have to learn to work together, strategise, and defeat their opponents - all as a team.

The arena has two awesome stories of playing space. There is Real Time Scoring so when your "tags" are hit, you will see straight away! There are also cameras and monitors where you can track movements.

Up to 26 people can play at the one time, and up to 6 teams, so it's a great way to play alongside (and against!) friends and family.

Laserblast is geared for those kids over 6 years of age, because it would be quite intense for the younger ones. But for those older than 6 - combat fun!

Parents, don't worry - it's totally safe, and painless. The phaser gun contains a built in pointer which activates for a second when the trigger is pulled, and registers on the opponents tag. No paint. No real shooting gun. No bruises! 

Pouring down outside? Perfect! Laserblast is totally indoors so rain, hail or shine, get those combat moves ready! 

It's also a popular place for birthday parties, so why not celebrate is army style! 

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How much does it cost?

  • Adults$8 one game weekday / $9 one game weekend and public holidays. Up to $22 for 3 games.
  • ChildrenSame as adult

When can we go?

School Holidays: Mon - Sat 10am - 9pm / Sun 10am - 5pm. School times: Wed - Fri 4pm - 9pm / Sat 10am

All year round

Teachers corner

Laserblast has a classroom! Who would have thought! It's built within the facility to ensure any school and camp groups are provided with the necessary equipment for their educational time away.

Laserblast is popular with teachers as an incentive for students if they do well in class! .

Any Top Tips?

Closed in shoes or runners must be worn. Bare feet and thongs are not permitted. Also, each game takes about 15 minutes including getting ready. .

More information

They also run Junior and Senior nights, special events and do party specials!.

What people are saying?

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    Valencia Laser Blast has the best laser tag in the SFV!!! Just play one game, and you'll immediately want to play more, which is nice because they have a great price on their unlimited play pass. The arena is huge and is more like a maze (you will get lost the first time), and the equipment is amazing! They also have a great arcade with some sweet prizes!

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    Valencia Laser Blast is fun for everyone, no matter your age!

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