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Cutta Cutta Caves Nature Park Venn

Where is it at?

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Cutta Cutta Caves Nature Park
Stuart Highway
30km Sth of Katherine
Tel: 08 8973 8888


Access is via the Stuart Highway 30 km south of Katherine. The carpark and visitor centre are one km from the Highway along a sealed road.

Where are we going today?

The Northern Territories have some truly AMAZING natural wonders, and if you want to explore just one more, then Cutta Cutta Caves Nature Park will give you quite a treat!

The caves are a real feat of nature, and the park that they can be found in covers nearly 1,500 hectares of limestone landscape. Did you know that this type of landscape was limited to only a handful of places in the entire Northern Australia?

Kids can marvel at some incredible features, like the Karst formations, and of course the complex cave networks - which are a feature of the park for a reason.

Get up close to the tower-like masses of Tindal limestone, with large boulders and other unique surface depressions.

The only way to explore the Cutta Cutta Caves Nature Park is to enjoy one of the daily guided tours, usually departing on the hour. These will take you around the cave system so you can really appreciate it.  All of these tours do have those knowledgable guides with you, and it's unsafe to enter the cave unattended.

The great thing about Cutta Cutta Caves Nature Park (apart from it's amazing beauty!) is that it's only 15m under the ground, which means it's perfect for those little explorers as the descent is quick and simple.

The caves themselves are atmospheric, and not particularly dark or scary, so it really is a great way for those inquisitive and adventurous kids to experience a real life cave.

Cutta Cutta Caves Nature Park is much more than an amazing cave system - it's a nature park! So get those walking shoes on, and enjoy the Tropical Woodland walk which begins near the car-park, and lets families experience the beautiful open tropical woodland. It only takes about 10 to 20 minutes to complete - and just a bit longer with toddlers. 

See how many 170 species of birds you can find! 

A fun, exciting, and nature filled family day out in the Northern Territories - enjoy kids! 

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How much does it cost?

  • AdultsFree as far as we know!
  • ChildrenFree as far as we know!

When can we go?

Tours are generally on the hour

All year round, but during Dec to April the caves may be closed to flooding

I'm Hungry!

There is a small kiosk that sells tour tickets, refreshments and souvenirs..

Healthy Eating!

You can grab bottled water from the kiosk - make sure you keep hydrated!.

Any Top Tips?

The harmless brown tree snake, Boiga irregularisis, is often seen coiled upon cave ledges, so don't panic when you see them!.

Doing our bit

The caves and park is looked after to ensure that it remains protected. Help them out and follow any regulations, stay on the walking paths and pick up any rubbish .

Can I get one of those?

You can get great souvenirs are the kiosk.

More information

The best time to visit is between May and August.

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    Quick easy tour. Not to long and very interesting, definitely worth it

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