CSIRO Discovery Centre Black Mountain

Where is it at?

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CSIRO Discovery Centre
Clunies Ross Street
Black Mountain
Tel: 1300 363 400


The centre is located on Clunies Ross Street, which is just near the Australian National Botanic Gardens, and Canberra Nature Park.

Where are we going today?

Science doesn't have to be dull, contrary to how it may be perceived! CSIRO Discovery Centre is a great chance for kids to join their interactive journey through science and technology. It is certainly one of Canberra's major attractions, and has been a popular destination for those creative and inquisitive kids for years.

Science is presented in a way to bring down any barriers of how it may have been perceived. They want to demystify it, and educate everyone (from kids to grandparents) on how fascinating it really can be.

CSIRO Discovery Centre has two floors of working laboratories, all with glass-fronted windows so you can actually watch the scientist and technicians at work with their field crop research. It's a great way for kids to check out the science research first hand!

They have a number of focuses at the CSIRO Discovery Centre. Green energy (very important!), global climate change (also very important!), healthy foods, hydrogen as fuel, and gene technology, to name a few.

The centre aims to capture the imagination of kids over 12, but they have found the younger kids love the centre too because of it's health and well-being display, their 3D Discover and their hands-on experiments in the DiscoverLab. 

Show kids that science doesn’t have to be boring! They can get right in among the scientists themselves, and see them working first hand before getting their hands on some experiments of their own!

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How much does it cost?

  • Adults$10
  • Children$7

When can we go?

9am - 5pm

Weekdays. Weekends and public holidays they are closed except by appointment.

Teachers corner

CSIRO offers science programs and resources for schools, special events around Australia and a great range of at-home science for all ages. Science can be fun everywhere! .

Any Top Tips?

CSIRO have a number of centres around the country. If you happen to be travelling around Australia and love the immersion of science fun, check out their other centres too! .

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    Currently closed for reservations. I don't know when it's reopening so you should call ahead to confirm your visiting times.

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