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Where is it at?

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Capricorn Caves
30 Olsen Caves Rd
The Caves
Tel: 07 4934 2883

Where are we going today?

It's always FUN to go on an adventure, and in Queensland you can really get up close with the wonders of nature with Capricorn Caves - a unique system of above-ground caves within a limestone ridge.

Did you know that in the area, around 390 million years ago, that a coral reef actually existed in the area? Bet you didn't think that! But, that's just some of the fascinating history that you can learn during your time in Capricorn Caves. If you take part in the specialised cave geo tour, you can learn all about an ancient geological landscape where you will actually be able to spot marine fossils in the walls! How amazing is that!

Did you know that bat poo and owl vomit can give scientists a look into what HUGE animals roamed Australia in the past? Well, if you take the Bats and Bones tour then you can find out all about this strange occurence, and kids can even enjoy a hands-on interactive experience with a real bearded dragon and a carpet python!

If you want to be REALLY impressed, the Cathedral Cave Tour will start in the magnificent cave entrance, where you can see tree roots clinging to the limestone walls. You might even spot a shy rock wallaby in the crevices! 

The tours in Capricorn Caves can be easy and very walkable, as well las wheelchair accessible, BUT there is also some adventure waiting to be had! The Family Adventure Caving tours can take the kids on an adventure of a lifetime, and it's a great way for kids to learn about the fragile ecosystem.

For those over 16 years the Adventure Caving Tour might be your bag - there's a lot of squeezing and crawling involved! 

Unique fun in some amazing work of mother nature! 

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How much does it cost?

  • AdultsTours from $30
  • ChildrenTours from $15 (ages 5 to 15)

When can we go?

Each tour has different departure times

Year round

Teachers corner

The lovely staff are happy to discuss a program for your student age group, as they can prepare a number of activities suitable, from camp fires, night games and climbing walls! .

I'm Hungry!

They have hot and cold snacks, as well as al-fresco dining.

Healthy Eating!

They have wood fire BBQs for your use!.

Any Top Tips?

They have accommodation if you want to extend your day out to a longer experience! .

Need a little extra help?

Some of the tours are wheelchair accessible.

Can I get one of those?

If you want those iconic and classic Australian souvenirs, then check out the gift shop! .

More information

No pets are allowed.

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    Natural wonder in Queensland Australia

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