Canberra Walk In Aviary Canberra

Where is it at?

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Canberra Walk In Aviary
Gold Creek Village
16 OHanlon Place
Tel: 02 6230 2044


The birds will be fluttering about at Unit 13, 26 O'Hanlon Place in Federation Square at Gold Creek Village. It's just off the Barton Hwy near the Canberra Reptile Zoo and National Dinosaur Museum.

Where are we going today?

If you are a family who love animals, particularly birds, then we suggest you keep reading! The Canberra Walk-In Aviary is, well, what it says - a huge aviary that you can actually walk into and spend time up close with all the sweet and colourful birds they have on display! 

These birds aren't stuck in cages (yay!) but rather fly freely through the trees, where they can be observed, fed and photographed.

The people behind the aviary felt it was important that everyone who visits can interact directly with the birds, because they love their birds so much they know you will too - and they did good!

You can walk among more than 450 birds which represent about 40 species. You can see finches, doves, parrots, quail...all from not only Australia but the entire world!

Kids of all ages can enjoy this feathered attraction, but they want to make sure the birds aren't scared or disturbed, so kids will have to be on their best behaviour and not try and grab the birds, or make loud noises as this can scare them. 

Older kids will love taking photos of the colours on the birds, and their sweet little faces. They could get some pretty amazing pictures so make sure you take the camera! 

With your admission to the Canberra Walk-In Aviary, you also get a small plate of bird feed. Some of the birds will actually take the food from you, and might even land on you! You can also purchase a small tub of mealworms (parents, these are live so just warn your kids if you choose these!) which can entice some more of the birds to interact with you. 

Say hello to your little feathered friends...!

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How much does it cost?

  • Adults$11 ($24.75 Annual pass)
  • Children$8 Ages 4 - 16 ($18 Annual pass)
  • Free Under: 4 years.

When can we go?

10am - 5pm (Sept - April). 10am - 3:30pm (May to August).

7 days a week (weather permitting) except Christmas Day

Teachers corner

It's a great way to teach kids about conservation and taking care of our Australian wildlife! .

Any Top Tips?

A great place to pick up tips on creating a haven for such creatures in your own back yard!.

What people are saying?

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    Cheap, really enjoyable and interactive. Plenty of fun with the kids.

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    You can actually see the birds; the type of tree they have selected allows you to see inside it. We thought it was a very good aviary and our 1 year old agreed, although he did think the apple was a snack for him.

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    It was brilliant!

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