Camels Australia Stuarts Well

Where is it at?

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Camels Australia
PMB 74 Stuart Highway
Stuarts Well
Tel: 08 8956 0925


They are only 1 hour from Alice Springs, along the Stuart Highway, as you are heading to Uluru and Kata Tjuta, or even Kings Canyon and South Australia.

Where are we going today?

Did you even know that Australia had camels!? You don't need to trek to the depths of the Sahara. They are right in your own back yard!

Camels Australia gives kids (and parents!) the chance to experience a ride on a proper camel! Don't worry if it makes you nervous, because they offer short rides just around their yard if you want to try just for a little bit!

Or, if you love the idea of getting on a camel for a true experience, you can take on the 30 or 60 minute trek through the outback - what better way to enjoy a camel!

Camels Australia are located 90km south of Alice Springs, so the perfect place to really experience  the natural bushland right at the foot of the magnificent James Ranges!

When you get there, don't just check out the Central Australian bred Camels, but they also have llamas, emus, kangaroos, and even a dingo!

The camel safaris offer the opportunity for the most adventurous of families to travel through the most incredible areas of the country.

If you are a novice, don't you worry because the staff will be right there to help you. They of course all cater for the most experienced of cameleers!

For the half or whole hour rides, they even include lunch and billy tea, which is always popular with kids! A true Aussie experience. 

One site too at Camels Australia, they have hot and cold drinks, fresh and deliciously toasted sandwiches, as well as ice creams and snacks. 

What a great experience! 

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How much does it cost?

  • AdultsFree entry to visit animals, there are charges for the rides.

When can we go?

Daily between 7am and 5pm. Half hour and One hour camel rides are available on request.

I'm Hungry!

The half hour and hour rides have lunch and billy tea, but the site itself where the camels are kept have hot and cold drinks, sandwiches (including tasty toasted ones!), ice creams and snacks. .

Any Top Tips?

Make sure you call ahead and book your longer camel rides if you want to enjoy them..

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