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Butterfly Gorge Nature Park Douglas-daly

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Butterfly Gorge Nature Park
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The Park is close to Tjuwaliyn (Douglas) Hot Springs Park, approximately 130 km from Katherine and 200 km from Darwin along the old Stuart Highway scenic route. The final 17 km into the Park is a four-wheel drive track. Caravans cannot be taken into this Park.

Where are we going today?

Butterfly Gorge Nature Park is tucked away at the base of a low sandstone plateau. The sheer rock faces, edged by dense vegetation and rocky spinifex country, offer shaded riverine walks and beautiful scenery.

The Wagiman people speak for this land and believe their ancestors are here.

It is safe to swim in Butterfly Gorge, and this is a terrific spot for a picnic. A swim across the main pool and through the narrowest of gorges will get you to the upper pools. A little climbing and swimming leads to one of the most beautiful and peaceful gorges in the Northern Territory. The gorge and main swimming area is a 10 minute walk from the carpark. Continue on from the main pool via some rocky sections. More enthusiastic walkers may climb up the rocky slopes to reach the top of the gorge with views of rockpools.

Below the Gorge is an extensive paperbark forest with some trees up to 45 metres tall. Large Leichhardt trees also form an enchanting forest along the riverbank. A population of Short-eared Rock Wallabies inhabits the escarpment around Butterfly Gorge. Native birds of many varieties are abundant in the bush around the gorge, and as it's name implies, it is also home to extremely large populations of Common Crow butterflies, which children especially find delightful and makes for excellent family photos.

Please plan your journey independently, the sat nav given is for the closest zip and may not be as helpful as we hope.

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When can we go?

It is only possible to visit the Park during the dry season (May - September). Each year during the

I'm Hungry!

There is no kiosk anywhere near here, but it's great territory for a picnic..

Any Top Tips?

Common Crow butterflies come in shades of black and brown so don't lead the kids to expect a riot of colour and variety, but their numbers more than make up for that!.

More information

Camping is not allowed at Butterfly Gorge, however you may camp nearby at Tjuwaliyn (Douglas) Hot Springs Park. .

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    Great place, kids love it!!! Lots to do and see.

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