Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary Brighton

Where is it at?

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Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary
593 Briggs Road
Tel: 03 6268 1184

Where are we going today?

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary really is a special place for the animals of Tasmania. It's a place where the animals are really cared for, so you know they're happy, and they also offer amazing experiences for kids who can come closer than ever to them!

The main purpose of the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary is to care for animals. Did you know they operate the state's ONLY 24 hour wildlife rescue service? That means that whenever there is an animal that is hurt or in trouble, no matter what time of the day - they will be there for it!

Then, the sanctuary heal and care for these animals, until they can be safely released back in to the wild. It's visitors like you that allow them to keep doing it!

Want to hear something really special about this sanctuary? You might actually come across an animal that is extinct everywhere else in the world, except for here! Each animal has a story to tell, and so kids will really love learning about the animals, and their individual stories. It's a great learning experience for kids to understand why it's so important to look after our animals.

Come face to face with devils, quolls, wombats, possums, and even snakes! Every time you visit, you help them get these animals off the endangered species lists. 

Want to learn more about the animals? Then join one of their FREE wildlife tours! These 45 minute tours allow you a closer insight into the animals - you might even be able to get the wombats and koalas a pat!

Love animals? You will LOVE Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary! 

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How much does it cost?

  • Adults$25
  • Children$11 (Ages 4 to 15)
  • Free Under: 3 years

When can we go?

9am - 5:30pm daily. Some night tours.

All year round.

Teachers corner

They feel education is really important, so they can tailor the school tours based on the ages. .

Any Top Tips?

Make sure you catch a free tour! They run 11:30am and 2pm, and then a 3:30pm Tasmanian Devil tour for 15 minutes.

Doing our bit

The sanctuary truly love and care for animals. They constantly are rescuing and helping animals, and making sure they are fit to go back into the wild. .

Need a little extra help?

About 50% of the sanctuary is accessible - which includes the tour! There are bathrooms that are accessible too .

Can I get one of those?

There is a gift shop where if you save your pennies, you can enjoy some fun and educational gifts to take home! .

More information

If you really love going back to the sanctuary, have a look at the annual passes!.

What people are saying?

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    This place is really awesome! The guys made a great job helping animals and reinsert them in nature.
    You can also feed kangaroos, so cute.

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    Extraordinary encounters with wild life !!!
    I and my son, would happily move in there !!!
    We should all support more this oasis of life !!!

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    A great place to spend a day, feeding wallabies, watching blue tongue lizards and Tasmanian Devils, joining the tours to pat the koala and wombat.
    Beautiful gum trees and short wallaby-cropped grass which the staff are constantly raking to keep clean. Good facilities including taps for hand washing.

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    This may be the best place I have ever been. The kangaroos are so friendly (and you can feed them!) the staff is kind and knowledgeable and I GOT TO PET A KOALA. Don't walk, RUN HERE!

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    Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary is a wonderful and educational place for not only children but adults also.

    The paths are tidy and the park itself is well kept.

    The animals at the park are obviously quite happy being there.

    The staff are friendly and very helpful. My children enjoyed the tour and for once they listened to every word which was said!

    Another highlight of my childrens day was hand feeding and patting the free roaming kangaroos.

    Bonorong is definitely worth a visit.

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