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Alrtunga Historical Reserve Hart

Where is it at?

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Alrtunga Historical Reserve
Arltunga Tourist Drive
Tel: 08 8999 5511


The reserve is 110km east of Alice Springs, and can be easily reached in 2WD vehicles. After 70km of sealed road along the Ross Highway there is a formed gravel road which leads north east for 33km to Arltunga.

Where are we going today?

Can you imagine living in the days of the gold rush? Take yourself back to the 1800s in outback Australia....travelling all the way across the country to try and find your fortune. How do you think you would have managed?

It's an incredible history!

Want to know something even more incredible when it comes to history? Arltunga Historical Reserve is officially the country's FIRST town! How amazing is that!

It was born out of the gold rush when alluvial gold was discovered in 1887, in a dry creek bed. (Lucky person who found that!)

Then, as gold rushes always go, in come the fortune seekers! Some even travelled 600km from the Oodnadatta railhead - often on foot! Can you imagine having to walk 600km in the Australian heat!

Arlunga once had 300 people living there, all trying to make it rich. 

The buildings haven't been altered much over the many years, so kids will love to see the town as it would have been during pioneer life on a remote turn-of-the-century goldfield.

When you get to Arltunga Historical Reserve, you can enjoy a 0.9km self-guided walk through the MacDonnell Range Reef Mine. You an even climb down ladders into the old mine and step back into history to experience the world of the gold-miners, and how they would have worked and lived nearly 100 years ago!

Make sure kids know to spend some time letting their eye adjust to the dark. Once they have, you can see the seams of quartz that were dug out actually using only hand tools! They wouldn't have had all the modern gear they have today!

This is one of the few underground mines at Arltunga Historial Reserve, so an incredible experience!

Don't forget to take your torch! 

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How much does it cost?

  • AdultsFree!

When can we go?

All year, but the cooler months are better to visit - April to September.

All year round!

I'm Hungry!

Picnic and BBQ facilities are available, as well as shade shelters and toilets. Make a day of it and enjoy a family lunch! .

Healthy Eating!

Make sure you take plenty of water! It's hot out there! .

Any Top Tips?

The underground element is a great way to get out of the sun!.

Doing our bit

The reserve does it's best to protect its environment, so help out and make sure you leave everything as you found it! .

More information

Pets aren't allowed, and make sure you take away all your rubbish with you! .

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